The first time they meet, they won’t remember it in the years to come.

They are four and a half years old, and it’s a warm summer afternoon. Sousuke’s parents come to Iwatobi for business, and let the kid go play outside under his grandma’s watchful eye.

There are three children on the playground, two sharing a swing, taking turns at pushing each other or swinging together on one seat. Sousuke eyes them shyly, but doesn’t talk, because they seem to be enjoying themselves without any third parts butting in.

Then, they are together in the sandbox, and when the dark haired boy leaves the sand to play in the near by puddle, the other boy calls after him and rushes to join him quickly, crying ‘Haru-chan, the puddle is dirty!’ but then he laughs, because in his hurry he trips and dives in it, splashing the drops all over their clothes, and they engage in a very lively puddle fight, smearing the mud all over their clothes, hands creating cakes and cookies with wet sand, their laughter ringing in the air. Sousuke takes few steps to join them, because it looks like some amazing fun, and the taller boy even smiles at him and waves, and Sousuke runs few last steps to close the distance. To signal how ready he is to play with them, he throws some sand at them, to add to the mess.

It hits the taller boy in his wide open eyes, and it’s a second till he’s crying and rubbing his small fists at his eyes.

Sousuke’s grandma calms the boy down until his parents arrive, and Sousuke is taken home soon after that, where he gets the biggest scolding of his childhood.

no luck for you and i- soumako, 4.5k. ‘Sousuke thinks he must be cursed, because each time him and that Tachibana kid interact, he accidentally ends up making Makoto hurt. Every single time.’ this is pure fluffy crack there is literally nothing sad about this ff. maybe apart from sousuke’s bad luck. i cant believe i wrote another soumako ff in two weeks. 

and then they went to Majibu. Daichi is really bad at tying shoelaces and very emotional over BBQ meat. 

This was supposed to be an entrance for the daisuga week, day three, but then the idea grew and I couldn’t wait to upload it so.. treat it as a promotion for the daisuga week, since it was inspired by the prompt, or a very early disqualified entry…

so im trash and i headcanon yowapeda in loveless universe… manami always thought he’s gonna become a great sacrifice because of his pain endurance and he loved being trained for a sacrifice, but then he gets paired up with this bespectacled kid, and he has to be a fighter. so he totally blows their first fight, he’s so childlishly upset over not being a sacrifice, but then when he sees onoda all bruised up but keeping a smile on his face, eyes sparkling with hope that they’ve won, he gets why they got paired up and swears to never make onoda suffer this much during a fight? i am so sorry



To all these feeling you need to work on your anatomy, want to learn how to draw etc- go to Proko’s drawing tutorials. I just recently discovered his videos, and speaking here as a person who’s been drawing for most part of my life but has no theoretical knowledge about anatomy& theoretical…